Facebook’s (5) Ultimate Gift Basket Winners!

We did it! We achieved our goal of 20,000 Facebook page likes and we would like to thank all our amazing customers! To show our appreciation, we have randomly selected FIVE (5) lucky customers liking our page to receive the Ultimate Human Bean Gift Basket.

Each Gift Basket includes a $100 HB gift card, black 18 oz. Hydro Flask mug, (2) brown ceramic mugs, a pound of French Roast Coffee & a burlap tote (over $160 value).

Gift Basket Poster 2

Ultimate Gift Basket winners are…


1.)    Amy Bush from Greeley, Colorado

2.)    Kody Gregory from Grants Pass, Oregon

3.)    Karley Scott from Boise, Idaho

4.)    David Offenbacher from Medford, Oregon

5.)    Rachel Roberts from Fort Collins, Colorado

Congratulations to the (5) of you! Please contact us at info@thehumanbean.com and we will coordinate sending you your Ultimate Gift Basket!

To all you amazing customers who are not listed above, we want to offer you a discount on a couple great items featured in our Ultimate Gift Basket give-away…

brown mugsTonight and tomorrow only (7/29-7/30), enjoy 15% off BOTH French Roast packaged coffee AND our brown ceramic mugs from The Human Bean online store. Just enter the promo code: HappyHumanBean in your final step when checking out. These two items are perfect for enjoying The Human Bean coffee in the comfort of your own home. Order now!

Again, shout-out to all you 20,000+ HB lovers for liking our Facebook page, the support you have shown us is overwhelming and appreciated! Thank you so much!

July’s Coffee Bean Special | The Human Bean

First of all  Bean of the Month is a great place to start expanding your coffee horizon. July’s coffee bean special is a light roast  perfect for your summer morning cup!


Costa Rican is July’s Coffee Bean Special

Our featured coffee bean for July is Costa Rican! Congratulations to Clinton from Central Point, Oregon for being the first to guess it correctly on our Facebook! Please call us at 541-608-0564 and we’ll send you a POUND of Costa Rican Coffee to try for FREE. Thank you all for your participation & support, and don’t forget to enter to win next month.



Costa Rican is a Single Origin Coffee which means the coffee beans are not blends and are designated by geographic location. Furthermore, these beans were grown between 4000-5200 feet in the Naranjo region of Costa Rica.


Three words to describe this light roast are floral, fruity and balanced. This coffee begins with sweet floral aromas and delicate undertones of pipe tobacco. Also it highlights a medium body containing sweet notes of cocoa and graham crackers. Lastly, the quick finish makes this bean a perfect expression of traditional Costa Rican coffees.


Finally, enjoy 15% OFF your purchase of Costa Rican Coffee starting July 1st! Simply enter the promo code: SingleOriginCostaRica in your final step at checkout. Shop Costa Rica now.

June’s Bean of the Month | The Human Bean

The Bean of the MonthIt’s never been a better time to enjoy The Human Bean in the comfort of your own home. Our premium packaged coffee is worth trying and the Bean of the Month is a great place to start! 

June Bean of the Month

As announced in our monthly emails, our featured bean for the month is Goose Hollow. This dark roast is sweet, elegant and rich. Goose Hollow coffee blend has a full body with dark malty notes and hints of cinnamon, clove and cardamom. Goose Hollow is perfect for your daily morning cup and is just what you need to start your day off right.

Enjoy 15% OFF your purchase of Goose Hollow for the rest of the month of June! Simply enter the promo code: JuneGooseHollow in your final step at checkout. Shop Goose Hollow.

Human Bean Dairy Partner Wins National Award

umpqua award winning dairy

Proudly Serving Award Winning Dairy Products

The Human Bean is proud to serve Umpqua Dairy Products in our northwest Human Bean locations. This month, Umpqua Dairy received the prestigious National Weber Award for Total Quality Excellence. Furthermore, the annual honor, awarded by Quality Chekd Dairies represents unparalleled quality and total brand excellence. Umpqua Dairy was founded in 1931.

chekdNew Logo

Highest Scores

Finally comprehensive review of their entire business operation. Therefore Umpqua Dairy received the highest scores from Quality Chekd members in customer satisfaction, production quality, business ethics, leadership and staff development.

The Human Bean sends our warmest congratulations to Umpqua Dairy Products Co. for attaining this prestigious honor. Especially relevant, we are proud to partner with brands like Umpqua Dairy that align with our commitment to delivering premium products and overall brand excellence.

Congratulations Umpqua Dairy!

$100 Facebook Give-Away | The Human Bean

We recently challenged our loyal customers to help grow our brand on Facebook. We rewared them with a give-away. With the goal of 13,000 page likes, our fans rallied in support and shared their love of The Human Bean with their own friends and family. In two short days, our faithful customers not only reached, but exceeded this goal. We are so thankful to have such supportive regulars. Thank you all!

In celebration of achieving our goal, one lucky customer is receiving a gift. And what better gift than more coffee?! We are giving-away a recharge card worth $100. Yes, $1-0-0.

gift card 100 Give-away

The Winner of the Give-Away is..

So the moment you have earned and been waiting for…
The winner of $100 worth of delicious Human Bean drinks & baked goods is… Vicki Stanfield Zeise from Canby Oregon! Congratulations Vicki! We hope you enjoy all your favorite drinks on us! Your participation was appreciated!

Congratulations Vicki! Please send us your address information on our contact page. We’ll send that $100 recharge card to you ASAP and you can start enjoying your favorite coffees on us!

Let’s do it again!

But WAIT, there’s more… For all of you who aren’t Vicki, we’ve got exciting news for you too!

You all did such a great job in reaching 13,000 page likes and we know you can do it again. So here’s our second challenge: keep spreading the word & love of The Human Bean and we will give-away another $100 recharge card when we reach 14,000 page likes. Keep tagging your friends and family to help us reach more likes. One of your tags may be our next winner!

So keep up the momentum and let’s exceed our 2nd goal just as fast as the first!
The winner of our second $100 recharge card give-away could be YOU! 

Featured Bean | The Human Bean Coffee

Costa_Rica featured beanThe Featured Bean

Our featured bean is a light roast from Costa Rica. A Single-origin varietal, this coffee begins with sweet floral aromas. Furthermore subtle undertones of pipe tobacco. A medium body containing notes of sweet cocoa and graham crackers. in conclusion a quick finish is a perfect expression of this great example of Costa Rican coffees.

This varietal is one of our old lasting relationships with the farmers that grown our coffee.


It is grown in the Naranjo region in the West Valley of Costa Rica between 4000 – 5200 feet. Consequently, making this a well balanced featured bean.

Join The Human Bean each month for a featured bean. In addition to a discount we pick a new bean each month. Most of all the bean will tell you the story of The Human Bean. Each variety and single origin bean is sourced directly from the farmers that grow our coffee.

In Costa Rica we have helped to pay for a school and day care for the farmers children. They have the opportunity to learn and become educated.

You can brew a fresh cup today by purchasing the Costa Rica Bean here.

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