Innovation in Newberg, OR

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The Human Bean of Newberg received a warm welcome from the surrounding community after opening in April, 2014. Kimberly Jackson, Portland Regional Manager of The Human Bean said, “What a welcoming town Newberg has been!  Having customers say, ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ warms my heart every time”.

Newberg Oregon is located about 35 Miles Southwest of Portland, Oregon. It is surrounded by a beautiful greenbelt of rural forests and farmlands. The Willamette River creates a natural bowl around the community and the Chehalem Mountains provide a special backdrop for the 23,000 residents. The prestigious Gorge Fox University is just a block away from the Human Bean.

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Order Station featuring Menu Board & Speaker Post

Unique from most of our double-sided Human Bean locations, Newberg features a single-sided drive thru where customers place their order at the order station rather than the window. This design was developed by The Human Bean corporate team after anticipating high demand for the Newberg corner location.  The new order station features a visual menu board, audio speaker post and headsets for the baristas. This effective ordering station allows The Human Bean to maintain the speed of our double-sided drive thru while giving us greater flexibility when choosing new corporate or franchised site locations.


Newberg Baristas Loving Their Headsets

Along with increasing efficiency and accuracy, the Newberg stand prioritized upholding The Human Bean’s exceptional customer service. Greeting customers using headsets rather than face-to-face interaction was unfamiliar, but our talented Newberg baristas quickly adapted and soon it became second nature. “Having a good time with customers at the order station makes it even more enjoyable for them when they pull up to the window and see a smiling face!” said Shelby.

The Human Bean of Newberg’s success has been a direct result of the hard working and enthusiastic people that make up our team and of the overwhelming support from the Newberg, Oregon community. We are excited to see the growth and future accomplishments our Newberg stand has approaching. Additionally, the success of Newberg represents exciting opportunities for The Human Bean brand both at the corporate level and through franchising. The innovative order station and single-sided drive thru design is proving to be a game changer for our brand development and we cannot wait to explore its potential.