The Human Bean Ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500 list in 2019.¬† describes this list as their ‘definitive ranking of 2019’s strongest franchises’.¬† Restaurants, including coffee franchises, continue to be a growing category on the list.¬† We are proud to have ranked within the Franchise 500 list for several years now.¬† More than 1,000 companies applied for this year’s ranking.¬† We are also proud to be in the top half of the 500 companies that made the list in 2019.¬† Companies that make the list are described as ‘revealing the latest trends’.¬† As well as ‘continuing to evolve to keep going strong year after year’.

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

About The Human Bean

Our commitment to developing the best drive-thru espresso led us to franchising The Human Bean’s brand and system in 2002. We are proud to announce that The Human Bean has expanded to 81 locations in ten states. 68 of those being franchised locations as well as 13 being corporate locations. We expect to continue this growth.  This will be done through approved franchisees that share the same determination and also a commitment to our goals for this exceptional brand.

The Human Bean has plans to grow rapidly this year.¬† We’ll be expanding into new states and opening many new locations.¬† In early 2019 there will be new locations opening in Oregon, Arizona, Kentucky, California and Washington.¬† There will be more new locations opening in additional states as the year progresses.¬† You can see a complete list of our locations here.

Franchise 500

Unlike nearly all other franchises, we do not charge percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees. We earn revenues from bulk sales of coffee and other supplies ordered from our franchised locations. Our goal is for Human Bean franchisees to enjoy the returns from their investment while receiving the benefits of being part of The Human Bean franchise. You can learn more about becoming a Human Bean franchise owner here.

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Colombia Farm Visits

Colombia farm visits were made by a group of Human Bean team members in early November of 2018.  They were joined by Portland Global Initiatives.  Together The Human Bean and PGI have partnered on a clean water and sanitation project that is currently ongoing in the Cliadas region of Colombia.  You can read more about that here.  They were able to visit many of the farms that provide us with our Farm Friendly Direct coffee from Colombia.  And they also got to meet many of the farmers and their families.

One highlight of the trip was presenting the farmers with checks for the dividends.  They were able to earn these by selling the coffee directly to us and forgoing the use and cost of a middle man.

colombia farm visits

The sanitation units being built are essentially clean bathrooms with running water.  The farmers take great pride in having a functioning sanitary unit.

Most of the coffee farms are located in extremely remote areas.  It take hours to travel over bumpy roads to get there and to transport the coffee.

The coffee is picked when the coffee “cherry” or fruit is the perfect shade of red.

Then it is dried and stripped of it’s parchment to reveal the green bean inside.

The Human Bean has also been selling Sustain cups to raise additional money for this project.  You can learn more about them here and purchase them here.

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Human Bean Coffee Lover Erika Reyes

Human Bean coffee lover, Erika Reyes, is one of our biggest fans. Erika is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the Pacific Northwest. She is also a mom to three girls and was recently married to a guy she describes as “the man of my dreams”.¬† Erika regularly posts pics of The Human Bean and talks about her favorite drinks and why she loves our brand!

human bean coffee lover erika reyes

You can follow her on Instagram @_erikarey to get tips on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle, as well as coffee! Check out her most recent blog post where she talks about her “Five Must Haves for Winter”. She includes our Hydro Flask logo mugs as one of them!¬† You can follow Erika on Instagram @_erikareyes or on Facebook @erikarey_.¬† And you can check out her blog page!

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Healthy Human Bean Drinks

Healthy Human Bean drinks are offered at all of our locations.¬† Here are a few drink ideas that will help you stick to all of your New Year’s Resolutions and start 2019 off right!

Keto & Paleo

We know that many of¬† you follow a Keto or Paleo diet and we have many drinks that work for that!¬† Try our smooth rich Cold Brew coffee with a splash of Heavy Cream.¬† Or we have an amazing assortment of Steven Smith Teamaker teas that you can add honey to and they can be made hot or iced.¬† And don’t forget our amazing espresso, try an Americano with a splash of almond milk.

healthy human bean drinks


Sugar Free, Gluten Free & Dairy Free

We carry a large assortment of sugar free syrups so most of our drinks can be made in a sugar free version.¬† Just ask your barista and they can modify the recipe!¬† We also have Gluten Free options and dairy alternatives.¬† Our Soy, Coconut and Macadamia milks are both gluten and dairy free and can be added to any of our espresso drinks.¬† Our Caramel and Hershey’s syrup¬† as well as our Pumpkin Pie Sauce is gluten free!¬† Another yummy GF option is our Oregon Chai Tea.

healthy human bean drinks

Protein Powder

We carry a Vanilla Whey Protein powder that can be added to any of our smoothies or blended drinks.¬† Try adding it to a Granita for a post workout pick-me-up plus recovery! Half of a scoop of protein powder has 10 grams of protein and a full scoop has 20 grams!¬† It’s also available in a non-fat version.

healthy human bean drinks

Healthy Ingredients

Mate: This South American tea is rich in antioxidants and enhances your ability to focus.¬† Many people find it is a good alternative to heavily caffeinated drinks.¬† It also claims to enhance physical endurance, aid in digestion, support cardiovascular health and can help you control your weight.¬† All of those health benefits plus it’s delicious!!!

Matcha: This green tea is also full of antioxidants and boosts energy levels without the caffeine jitters.¬† It is also proven to boost your immune system so it’s great to drink during the winter months!¬† It is full of nutrients and vitamins and helps to protect against disease.¬† On top of all this, Matcha can also aid in effective weight loss.

healthy human bean drinks

Green Tea: Green Tea has many of the same antioxidant benefits of Mate and Matcha plus so many more!  Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow and lower cholesteral and helps prevent a range of heart problems.  Plus the ritual of sipping tea helps you slow down and relax due to a natural chemical called theanine that can provide a calming effect.

Acai Smoothie: Acai berries have been called a Super Food.  They are richer in antioxidants than many other berries and may have anti-aging and weight loss benefits as well.

Come visit your nearest Human Bean location today and try a variety of Healthy & Tasty drinks!

healthy human bean drinks

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Human Bean Holiday Gift Ideas

Human Bean holiday gift ideas are endless but here are a few of our favorites! We guarantee we’ve got the perfect thing for all of the Human Bean lovers on your list!

Gift Cards

Gift cards always make a great gift!  You can purchase them at any of our 82 locations or online.  You can also give a gift card digitally through our Rewards App!  Many of our locations also run varying gift card promotions this time of year where when you purchase a certain $ amount in gift cards you may receive a free drink so check with your favorite location!

human bean holiday gift ideas

To-Go Boxes

Our To-Go boxes are the perfect gift to bring to all of your holiday events!  They can be filled with coffee or hot chocolate or your favorite Human Bean espresso beverage and stay hot for hours!

human bean holiday gift ideas

Gift Packs

We offer several gift package ideas for the Holidays.  We combine our logo mugs with our beloved coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans to please the coffee lovers in your life!

human bean holiday gift ideashuman bean holiday gift ideas

Sustain Cups

Our popular new Sustain cups are an affordable and fun gift!  They are re-usable and recyclable too.  Plus the proceeds from these cups go toward supporting a clean water project that we are funding in the coffee growing region of Cladas, Colombia.

human bean holiday gift ideas

Human Bean Hydro Flasks & Mugs

Everyone loves our Hydro Flask travel mugs!  They keep beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.  They also come in a variety of beautiful colors.

human bean holiday gift ideas

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Our signature chocolate covered espresso bean that is placed on every cup can also be purchased in bulk.  Plus people love these things!

Human Bean Holiday Gift Guide

Human Bean Gear

We have a variety of hats, hoodies and t-shirts with the Human Bean logo.  Show your love for our coffee with some new HB gear!

human bean holiday gift ideas

Human Bean Coffee & Espresso

You can buy all of your favorite coffee and espresso beans directly from our Roaster.  They are all Farm Friendly and delicious.

Human Bean Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Favorites Menu

Holiday Favorites Menu is here!¬† All of your seasonal favorites are available to help ring in the holidays!¬† We’ve got Spiced Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie, Old Fashioned Eggnog, Salted Caramel, Gingerbread and Candied Peppermint.¬† And all of these flavors can be made into a variety of drinks that can be made hot, iced or blended.¬† The possibilities are endless! What is your Holiday Favorite Human Bean drink?

holiday favorites menu

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Mochas for Men Donation Day

Mochas for Men Donation Day will be held on Friday, November 16th this year.¬† This will be our 5th annual event.¬† $1 from every mocha purchased on this day will be donated to local men’s health care.

November is branded as “Movember” to spotlight men’s health issues.¬† These include both prostate and testicular cancer as well.¬† The Human Bean wants to support this movement in our local communities.¬† Therefore we host the annual Mochas for Men donation day.

The Human Bean has a large variety of Mocha drinks that can be made hot, iced, or blended too.  They can all be purchased on this day as part of the fundraiser.  In addition we have two monthly specials that are both Mochas.  The Gent is a praline and caramel mocha.  And The Lumberjack is a peanut butter mocha.

Come support local men’s health on Friday, November 16th!¬† Learn about other ways The Human Bean gives back HERE.

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Veteran’s Day Free Drinks

Veteran’s Day free drinks for veterans will be happening on Sunday, November 11th.¬† The Human Bean likes to honor those who have served or are currently serving by offering them a free drink on this holiday with a uniform or valid military ID at participating locations.

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Mate Tea

Mate tea has an amazing flavor profile and many health benefits too!

Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.  It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of Yerba Mate and is the national drink of Argentina.

Our version of Mate is a sweetly spiced tea with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla flavors.¬† It’ great when made into a Latte or our seasonal drink the Candied Peppermint Mate!¬† Visit HERE for our full menu!

mate tea

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Phoenix, Arizona Opens New Human Bean Location

Phoenix, Arizona opens new Human Bean Location number 82!

The Human Bean opened their 82nd location, on 11/02/2018.  This new Phoenix Arizona Human Bean location is owned and operated by Brian Sherrill, Greg Sherrill, Janet Sherrill, and Leslie Wilkerson. This location will be managed by Chandelle Camidge.  This is their second franchise location in Arizona, as they also own The Human Bean located at 29 S Power Rd in Mesa, Arizona. They have operated two locations in Klamath Falls, Oregon since 2003.

‚ÄúIt has been a complete blessing to be part of the Human Bean family for the past 15 years. We are very excited to be opening our 4th overall location and our second location in Arizona. This is the first Human Bean in the city of Phoenix and we look forward to serving the highest quality beverages to this this wonderful community, ‚ÄĚ say the Sherrills.

phoenix arizona opens new Human Bean location

The Human Bean’s commitment to developing the best drive-thru espresso led us to franchising The Human Bean’s brand and system in 2002. We are proud to announce that with the opening of this location, The Human Bean has expanded to 82 locations in ten states, 69 of those being franchised locations and 13 being corporate locations. We expect to continue this growth through approved franchisees that share the same determination and commitment to our goals for this exceptional brand and have plans to open several more locations in the near future.

The newest Mesa Human Bean is located at 6502 N 16th St in Phoenix, AZ.  You can follow them on Facebook at The Human Bean of Phoenix Metro and on Instagram  Their hours are 5am to 9pm Monday through Friday, 6am to 9pm on Saturdays, and 6am to 8pm on Sundays.  You can reach them by phone at 602-368-6391.

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