The Human Bean is a proud supporter of the communities we serve. We give back throughout the year with donation days, sponsorships and much more. Check out what we’ve been up to lately!

Colombia Farm Visits

Colombia farm visits were made by a group of Human Bean team members in early November of 2018.  They were joined by Portland Global Initiatives.  Together The Human Bean and PGI have partnered on a clean water and sanitation project that is currently ongoing in the Cliadas region of Colombia.  You can read more about that here.  They were able to visit many of the farms that provide us with our Farm Friendly Direct coffee from Colombia.  And they also got to meet many of the farmers and their families.

One highlight of the trip was presenting the farmers with checks for the dividends.  They were able to earn these by selling the coffee directly to us and forgoing the use and cost of a middle man.

colombia farm visits

The sanitation units being built are essentially clean bathrooms with running water.  The farmers take great pride in having a functioning sanitary unit.

Most of the coffee farms are located in extremely remote areas.  It take hours to travel over bumpy roads to get there and to transport the coffee.

The coffee is picked when the coffee “cherry” or fruit is the perfect shade of red.

Then it is dried and stripped of it’s parchment to reveal the green bean inside.

The Human Bean has also been selling Sustain cups to raise additional money for this project.  You can learn more about them here and purchase them here.

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Human Bean Holiday Gift Ideas

Human Bean holiday gift ideas are endless but here are a few of our favorites! We guarantee we’ve got the perfect thing for all of the Human Bean lovers on your list!

Gift Cards

Gift cards always make a great gift!  You can purchase them at any of our 82 locations or online.  You can also give a gift card digitally through our Rewards App!  Many of our locations also run varying gift card promotions this time of year where when you purchase a certain $ amount in gift cards you may receive a free drink so check with your favorite location!

human bean holiday gift ideas

To-Go Boxes

Our To-Go boxes are the perfect gift to bring to all of your holiday events!  They can be filled with coffee or hot chocolate or your favorite Human Bean espresso beverage and stay hot for hours!

human bean holiday gift ideas

Gift Packs

We offer several gift package ideas for the Holidays.  We combine our logo mugs with our beloved coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans to please the coffee lovers in your life!

human bean holiday gift ideashuman bean holiday gift ideas

Sustain Cups

Our popular new Sustain cups are an affordable and fun gift!  They are re-usable and recyclable too.  Plus the proceeds from these cups go toward supporting a clean water project that we are funding in the coffee growing region of Cladas, Colombia.

human bean holiday gift ideas

Human Bean Hydro Flasks & Mugs

Everyone loves our Hydro Flask travel mugs!  They keep beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.  They also come in a variety of beautiful colors.

human bean holiday gift ideas

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Our signature chocolate covered espresso bean that is placed on every cup can also be purchased in bulk.  Plus people love these things!

Human Bean Holiday Gift Guide

Human Bean Gear

We have a variety of hats, hoodies and t-shirts with the Human Bean logo.  Show your love for our coffee with some new HB gear!

human bean holiday gift ideas

Human Bean Coffee & Espresso

You can buy all of your favorite coffee and espresso beans directly from our Roaster.  They are all Farm Friendly and delicious.

Human Bean Holiday Gift Guide

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Mochas for Men Donation Day

Mochas for Men Donation Day will be held on Friday, November 16th this year.  This will be our 5th annual event.  $1 from every mocha purchased on this day will be donated to local men’s health care.

November is branded as “Movember” to spotlight men’s health issues.  These include both prostate and testicular cancer as well.  The Human Bean wants to support this movement in our local communities.  Therefore we host the annual Mochas for Men donation day.

The Human Bean has a large variety of Mocha drinks that can be made hot, iced, or blended too.  They can all be purchased on this day as part of the fundraiser.  In addition we have two monthly specials that are both Mochas.  The Gent is a praline and caramel mocha.  And The Lumberjack is a peanut butter mocha.

Come support local men’s health on Friday, November 16th!  Learn about other ways The Human Bean gives back HERE.

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Veteran’s Day Free Drinks

Veteran’s Day free drinks for veterans will be happening on Sunday, November 11th.  The Human Bean likes to honor those who have served or are currently serving by offering them a free drink on this holiday with a uniform or valid military ID at participating locations.

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Sustain Cup

We have a new “Sustain Cup” soon.  It is low cost, reusable and does good in the world.  You can buy it in our online store or at many of our drive-thru locations!

sustain cup

Sustain Cup funds the Colombia Sanitation Project

The Human Bean has partnered with Portland Global Initiatives to help fund water treatment and plumbing facilities.  This will be for 168 coffee farms and their communities in the Cladas region of Colombia.  The proceeds of the Sustain Cups will also go toward this effort.  The cup is blue with a white design over the top showing the journey of coffee and the connection to water.  This is done in commeration of World Water Day.  The cups helps The Human Bean to highlight our current water project in Florencia, Colombia which you can read more about HERE.

Sustain Cup is Environmentally Friendly

Additionally these cups are reusable up to 30 times and also BPA free.  They are a great way to start getting your daily Human Bean drink in a reusable mug and doing your part for the environment.  In fact they are more affordable than your average travel mug.  Did you know that all paper cups are not recyclable?  There are more than 16 billion paper cups that are landfilled annually in the US alone.  With the Sustain Cup you’ll see 50% less environmental impact in just 10 uses compared to paper cups.  You’ll break even in only 4 uses.  This estimate is measured in carbon footprint across lifecycle.

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

sustain cup

Reuse this cup over and over.  It’s dishwasher and microwave safe for hundreds of times!  Then when you are done with it, recycle.  This is a 100% recyclable cup.  It’s actually Upcyclable since it’s made of FDA food grade BPA-free material.  And then repeat, by letting us make your next cup.  Together we can turn old cups into new ones!  You can learn more about the sustain cup on their website as well.

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Coffee for a Cure 2018

Coffee for a Cure 2018 will be held on Friday, October 19th.

Our annual breast cancer fundraising event, Coffee for a Cure, will be held on Friday, October 19th.  All proceeds on this day from all of our 80 locations in 10 states will be donated to local breast cancer agencies.  This has become a hugely successful and effective event for us.  We are so happy that we are able to help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

In Oregon alone, between Providence Foundation and Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center we have helped fund over 1600 mammograms or about 145 per year.  This is along with follow-up care and ongoing patient support.

Last year was our 12th annual Coffee for a Cure event and we raised $228,532.97 for a total of $1,283,557.24 to date.

Where Coffee for a Cure began

We got the idea for this annual fundraising event back when hurricane Katrina hit and we had a donation day to help support the Red Cross. The following year we decided we wanted to make our donation day an annual event.  We wanted to help each of our own communities by doing so. Therefore each location donates to their local community. After talking to people we found out Oregon and Washington had the highest rates of breast cancer in the country (at the time). Everyone we knew had someone in their lives that had been affected by breast cancer. So we thought it was a cause that really could help people in our communities.  So, this Friday, October 19th, Who are you buying a drink for? Please share with us on social media by using the hashtag #whoareyoubuyingadrinkfor

We work directly with local foundations.  They allocate the funds to help the patients that need help the most; uninsured or under-insured. Since starting Coffee for a Cure thirteen years ago we have lost a barista, a franchise owner, family and friends. We are happy to say that since starting the donation day how our funds are used is beginning to change. More people are insured, getting early detection and surviving the disease. We now support patients with expenses while going through treatment.  We also help with a lot more preventive scans for early detection and education.

Truly it is the core of what The Human Bean is about, giving back and supporting our own communities.  Please visit any Human Bean location on this day and make a purchase and all proceeds will be donated to a local breast cancer care center in that community.  We will also have tumblers and Hydroflasks with the Coffee for a Cure logo for sale that day.

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National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day Offers a Free Espresso Shot

We celebrate National Coffee Day every year on September 29th.  We will be celebrating at The Human Bean by giving away a free extra shot of espresso at participating locations.  This will be offered to anyone who orders an espresso drink that day.  You can view our full menu of espresso drinks here.  This day a great reason to express how much we love our caffeinated beverage.  People all over the world love coffee and drink it daily.  It only continues to grow in popularity.  It also boasts a long list of health benefits.

national coffee day

But it also has another purpose.  This day is also used to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness for the plight of the coffee growers.

Farm Friendly Direct

The Human Bean supports the coffee growers and the fair trade business through our Farm Friendly Direct Program.

Farm Friendly Direct’s program involves paying growers a premium for their coffee.  100% of that premium goes to farm and community projects. This direct purchasing relationship is mutually beneficial for The Human Bean and the grower. The Human Bean is guaranteed a constant and consistent supply of the highest quality coffee.  And growers and their local communities receive above fair-market pricing as well as investments into their local communities.

Farm Friendly Direct funds have built a water treatment plant in Guatemala and completed the build of deep solar water wells in Tanzania and Kenya.  We have also planted 15,000 trees in the region of El Salvador and built a new schoolhouse and supported the salary of a teacher in the Papa New Guinea community. These are just a few examples.

As you can see, we try our best to celebrate coffee every day of the year and not just on National Coffee Day!

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Free Drinks for First Responders on 9/11

Free drinks for first responders will be given away on Tuesday, September, 11th.  This will include all active military, veterans, police, firemen and paramedics.  They will each receive one 16 oz. drink free of charge with their badge, military ID or uniform at participating locations.  The Human Bean has made this an annual event to thank them for their service. Here are some other ways that we GIVE BACK in our local communities as well.

free drinks for first responders

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Food Drive Football Ticket Winners

Food Drive Football Ticket Winners have been announced!  The winner of the Oregon Ducks tickets is Judy Tomes of Medford, OR.  The winner of the Oregon State Beavers tickets is Michelle Vail of Grants Pass, OR.

As part of our annual summer Food Drive held on Friday, August 24th, we give away both a pair of Ducks tickets and a pair of Beavers tickets to one lucky food donor.  Customers who donate food on the day of the food drive at our Oregon locations can enter a drawing to win the tickets.  This years Ducks game is versus the UCLA Bruins on Saturday, November 3rd.  And this year’s Beavers game is versus USC on Saturday, November 3rd.

food drive football ticket winners

We have hosted our annual summer food drive every year now for nine years. With the majority of food drives held during the winter months, food banks run lowest on food supplies during the summer. The Human Bean believes that everyone deserves a nutritious meal, no matter what time of the year. Each year The Human Bean food drive grows and raises more donations than previous years. Thanks to customer support, The Human Bean raises thousands of pounds of food to donate each year.  We hope to make an even bigger difference every year.  You can see other ways The Human Bean gives back to our communties HERE.


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Summer Food Drive

Summer Food Drive in August at The Human Bean

We hosted a food drive all month long in August to re-stock local food pantries when they are often at their lowest supply.  For every $20 donation you gave we gave away a free 20 oz. drink coupon.  For every $10 donation we gave away a Buy One Get One Free drink coupon.  We also gave away our popular reusable bags on August 24th to anyone who gave a non-perishable food item donation or a cash donation to the food drive.  One bag per customer and two per car while supplies lasted and only at participating locations.

We have hosted our annual summer food drive every year now for nine years.  With the majority of food drives held during the winter months, food banks run lowest on food supplies during the summer.  The Human Bean believes that everyone deserves a nutritious meal, no matter what time of the year.  Each year The Human Bean food drive grows and raises more donations than previous years. This year in Jackson County alone we were able to give 836 pounds of food and $2,000 to Access Food Bank.  Access said they will be able to purchase 10,000 pounds of food with the $2,000!

Thanks to customer support, The Human Bean raises thousands of pounds of food to donate each year and we hope to make an even bigger difference this year.

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