The Human Bean is expanding into new locations and exploring exciting concepts. From innovative drive-thru designs, cafes and mobile units, The Human Bean is bringing the best coffee to every market.

The Human Bean Ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500 list in 2019.¬† describes this list as their ‘definitive ranking of 2019’s strongest franchises’.¬† Restaurants, including coffee franchises, continue to be a growing category on the list.¬† We are proud to have ranked within the Franchise 500 list for several years now.¬† More than 1,000 companies applied for this year’s ranking.¬† We are also proud to be in the top half of the 500 companies that made the list in 2019.¬† Companies that make the list are described as ‘revealing the latest trends’.¬† As well as ‘continuing to evolve to keep going strong year after year’.

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

About The Human Bean

Our commitment to developing the best drive-thru espresso led us to franchising The Human Bean’s brand and system in 2002. We are proud to announce that The Human Bean has expanded to 81 locations in ten states. 68 of those being franchised locations as well as 13 being corporate locations. We expect to continue this growth.  This will be done through approved franchisees that share the same determination and also a commitment to our goals for this exceptional brand.

The Human Bean has plans to grow rapidly this year.¬† We’ll be expanding into new states and opening many new locations.¬† In early 2019 there will be new locations opening in Oregon, Arizona, Kentucky, California and Washington.¬† There will be more new locations opening in additional states as the year progresses.¬† You can see a complete list of our locations here.

Franchise 500

Unlike nearly all other franchises, we do not charge percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees. We earn revenues from bulk sales of coffee and other supplies ordered from our franchised locations. Our goal is for Human Bean franchisees to enjoy the returns from their investment while receiving the benefits of being part of The Human Bean franchise. You can learn more about becoming a Human Bean franchise owner here.

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Mate Tea

Mate tea has an amazing flavor profile and many health benefits too!

Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.  It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of Yerba Mate and is the national drink of Argentina.

Our version of Mate is a sweetly spiced tea with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla flavors.¬† It’ great when made into a Latte or our seasonal drink the Candied Peppermint Mate!¬† Visit HERE for our full menu!

mate tea

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Sustain Cup

We have a new “Sustain Cup” soon.¬† It is low cost, reusable and does good in the world.¬† You can buy it in our online store or at many of our drive-thru locations!

sustain cup

Sustain Cup funds the Colombia Sanitation Project

The Human Bean has partnered with Portland Global Initiatives to help fund water treatment and plumbing facilities.  This will be for 168 coffee farms and their communities in the Cladas region of Colombia.  The proceeds of the Sustain Cups will also go toward this effort.  The cup is blue with a white design over the top showing the journey of coffee and the connection to water.  This is done in commeration of World Water Day.  The cups helps The Human Bean to highlight our current water project in Florencia, Colombia which you can read more about HERE.

Sustain Cup is Environmentally Friendly

Additionally these cups are reusable up to 30 times and also BPA free.¬† They are a great way to start getting your daily Human Bean drink in a reusable mug and doing your part for the environment.¬† In fact they are more affordable than your average travel mug.¬† Did you know that all paper cups are not recyclable?¬† There are more than 16 billion paper cups that are landfilled annually in the US alone.¬† With the Sustain Cup you’ll see 50% less environmental impact in just 10 uses compared to paper cups.¬† You’ll break even in only 4 uses.¬† This estimate is measured in carbon footprint across lifecycle.

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

sustain cup

Reuse this cup over and over.¬† It’s dishwasher and microwave safe for hundreds of times!¬† Then when you are done with it, recycle.¬† This is a 100% recyclable cup.¬† It’s actually Upcyclable since it’s made of FDA food grade BPA-free material.¬† And then repeat, by letting us make your next cup.¬† Together we can turn old cups into new ones!¬† You can learn more about the sustain cup on their website as well.

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Human Bean Rewards App

Human Bean Rewards App Earns You Credit

Human Bean Rewards App is the best new way to buy your favorite drink!  You can now earn rewards just by quickly scanning our App when you drive through your favorite location.  Download it today in the Apple or Play store and receive a $2 credit just for downloading it!  You can then refer your friends and receive an additional $2 every time one of them downloads it!  Continue to use it and for every $55 you spend you will earn $5 in credit!  What are you waiting for? Start earning free drinks today!

human bean rewards app

Human Bean Rewards App Allows Pay by Phone

One of the best features of our new App is that you can also pay with your phone now.¬† You can choose to link a credit card to your App account and just show your phone to pay each time you visit.¬† You can even choose to have it re-load a set dollar amount every time your balance gets low.¬† Don’t want to link a credit card?¬† That’s fine too!¬† You can still scan to earn the same rewards!

human bean rewards app

Human Bean Rewards App has Rewards Levels

We love to reward our best customers even more!¬† That’s why we have rewards levels based on how often you visit The Human Bean.¬† The more point you earn, the better your rewards get!¬† At our Silver Level you get a free Birthday Drink and Double Rewards on Wednesdays!¬† Spend enough to get to our Gold Level and you will get $3 instead of $2 when you refer a friend plus invites to special promotions.¬† And at our highest Platinum level you get a free drink on your “appiversary” as well as $6 instead of $5 for every $55 you spend!

Find Your Nearest Location

We know that our Human Bean customers love our drinks wherever they are. You can also find our nearest location on the App when traveling.  Using your GPS location it will locate the nearest Human Bean and provide you with driving directions to get there.

human bean rewards app

View our Menu

Do you want to try something new but are not sure what’s on our menu until you drive up to the window?¬† View our menu ahead of time and make your decision in plenty of time to order quickly when you visit.

human bean rewards app

Send a Gift

Our App makes it so easy to send a gift to a friend via email or text!  Choose the amount and the recipient and they will be notified.  Then their gift will automatically be loaded into their own App credits for them to use next time they visit!

Download the Human Bean Rewards App today to start enjoying all of these benefits!

Oregon Mobile Coffee Truck

Oregon Mobile Coffee Truck

Oregon mobile coffee truck is open for business!¬† This is the first of it’s kind in Oregon.¬† There is only one other Human Bean mobile coffee truck which is in Colorado.¬† They will now be able to serve delicious Human Bean drinks at various events in the Coos Bay/North Bend area.¬† They are also available for catering at events.

Oregon Mobile Coffee Truck

The Human Bean opened it’s first location in 1998.¬† Read about our story here. We are proud to announce that The Human Bean has expanded to 74 locations.¬† We are also now located in ten states. 61 of the locationis are franchised and 13 are corporate locations.

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Katie Guest, Triathlete & Human Bean Coffee Lover

Katie Guest, Triathlete

Katie Guest, triathlete, graduate student, avid traveler and photographer is 25 years old. She is based in Southern Oregon but also competes all over the nation. Originally hailing from Canada she has now lived in the US for 6 years. Katie is also an avid coffee and Human Bean lover! That’s why we decided a partnership with her would be such a good idea. We are following and highlighting her on social media too as Katie competes throughout her 2018 Triathlon schedule.¬† We’ll also be powering her training with The Human Bean coffee! We’d love for you to follow along as well. You can find her online at and on Facebook as @katietries and Instagram as @guestlife. We’ll be sharing some fun highlights from her racing and training as well on our pages.

katie guest, triathlete

2018 Race Schedule


San Diego Seal Sprint Triathlon, San Diego, California USAT, Ironman Event – Age Group 2nd place


Siskiyou Sprint Triathlon, Grants Pass, Oregon Rogue Valley Race Group – Age Group 1st place and Over All 2nd place


Pacific Crest Triathalon, Sunriver, Oregon – 1st place Age Group & 10th Overall


Pool 2 Path Race Series, Ashland, Oregon – July 11th, 18th & 25th


Age Group National Championships, Cleveland, Ohio – August 12th

ITU World Triathalon Series, Montreal, Canada – August 25th


Best in the West Triathalon, Sweethome, Oregon – September 8th


Miami Man, Miami, Florida – November 11th

Smith Tea

Smith Tea is proudly served by all Human Bean locations.

smith tea

Smith Tea has a passionate team of teamakers that is careful to blend and pack each sachet in small batches by hand. Each step‚ÄĒfrom folding the boxes to sorting the blends to filling the sachets‚ÄĒis done by hand using a gentle touch and deep respect for the ingredients.

The Human Bean chooses to serve Smith Tea products exactly for this reason.  We feel that they give their tea the same level of respect that we give to our coffee.  From choosing the producers and visiting the growers all the way to packaging and serving it.

We serve a variety of Smith teas that we can make hot or iced.  These include black, green and herbal tea blends.  Please ask to see our tea list at any location you visit to see their selection.  You can add any flavor to our teas as well.  This creates an endless number of possibilities for tea lovers to enjoy!

Smith Tea & Caffeine

Caffeine content in tea will vary from plant to plant and from season to season. Caffeine and it’s associated compounds are the tea plant’s natural defense against insects. Conditions like air and ground moisture, available sunlight, average temperature, and growing density will affect each tea plant differently. In general, all our teas will have less than 1/3 the amount of caffeine than coffee and all of our herbal infusions are caffeine free.

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Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water Process for Decaffeinating Coffee

swiss water process

Did you know that chemicals are used to make most decaffeinated coffee?  But not ours!  We use something called the Swiss Water Process.  This particular method of decaffeination is different from the rest.  It does not directly or indirectly add chemicals to extract the caffeine. Rather, it relies entirely on two concepts, solubility and osmosis, to decaffeinate coffee beans.  This method is also exclusively used on organic coffee beans.

Swiss Water Process Step 1

The coffee beans first come from the finest growing regions around the world. They clean and hydrate them with pure, local water to prepare them for caffeine removal.  These beans are beginning their journey to becoming amazing decaf coffee.

Swiss Water Process Step 2

Then their Green Coffee Extract (GCE) is introduced to the beans and caffeine removal begins. Caffeine ventures out on its own, away from the coffee beans into the GCE.  This occurs until the ratio of soluble compounds in the GCE to the compounds in the coffee reach the point of equilibrium. Caffeine and GCE flow continuously through carbon filters.  This traps and seperates all the caffeine from the GCE. Then they refresh the GCE and use it again and again to remove more caffeine.

Swiss Water Process Step 3

For the next 10 hours, a team continuously monitors the process and caffeine levels in each batch they are decaffeinating. They monitor time, gauge temperature controls, and check the levels on the GCE flow. The result of all this loving attention to detail is worth it.  It produces 99.9% caffeine-free coffee that still tastes great.

Swiss Water Process Step 4

Lastly,  they ship the decaffeinated green beans to the roasters and the specialty coffee brands like The Human Bean.  The beans now become something special that is ready to brew and enjoy.

swiss water process

You can purchase our decaffeinated coffee online here.  Or just order your favorite espresso drink to be made decaf at the nearest Human Bean location.

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House Specialty Human Bean Drinks

House Specialty Human Bean drinks are what set us apart from our competitors.¬† We use our rich espresso to make creative espresso drinks that can be made hot, iced or blended.¬† We use Hershey’s and Ghirardelli chocolates.¬† And we also use high quality flavored syrups to create these customer favorites.¬† Try them all and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

House Specialty Human Bean drinks

House Specialty Human Bean Drinks

Snowy (White Chocolate Mocha): Our signature specialty drink. Rich white chocolate, milk and our delicious espresso.

Muddy Snowy: A customer favorite specialty drink, double the chocolate. Rich white chocolate, chocolate milk and espresso.

Double Chocolate Mocha: Twice the dark chocolate goodness! Chocolate milk, Hershey’s and espresso will cure your chocolate craving!

Mexi Mocha: Spicy Mexican chocolate, milk and espresso shots. This one is a true winner in our book!

Sugar-free Mexi Mocha: Espresso shots, sugar-free cinnamon syrup, sugar-free chocolate and milk.

Snowy Mexi: White chocolate and Mexican chocolate is amazing! Two chocolates, espresso and milk make this a winner.

Vanilla Mocha: Chocolate milk, vanilla flavor and espresso shots.

Caramel Mocha: Chocolate milk, caramel flavor (or real caramel if you would like!) and espresso shots.

Caramel Hazelnut Mocha: Another one of our signature drinks! Caramel (syrup or sauce), hazelnut, chocolate milk and espresso.

Caramel Macchiato: Vanilla cappuccino with real caramel sauce.

Irish Cream Breve: A customer favorite! Irish cream, Half and Half and espresso shots.

Chocolate Mac Breve: If you haven’t experience our Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor, you must try this! Rich cream, chocolate mac flavor and espresso shots.

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Drive Thru Coffee – 7 Reasons why we love it!

Drive Thru Coffee is one of those inventions¬†we wonder why no one ever thought of¬†any earlier!¬† We love it’s convenience and speed in our on-the go lifestyles.¬†¬†It has become a part of our daily routine.¬† Plus it’s one of the best parts of our day!¬† Here are 7 reasons why we love our Drive Thru Coffee from the Human Bean!

1) Drive Thru Coffee is Fast

The speed at which we can get that steaming cup of mocha or refreshing fruit smoothie in our hands is the number one reason we love Drive Thru Coffee.  There is no waiting around for your name to be called or looking for a place to sit.  The Human Bean has a large variety of drinks and they are all also made really fast!  With most locations having double sided drive thru windows they are also built for speed and efficiency.

drive thru coffee

2) Drive Thru Coffee is Friendly

The smiling barista handing our Human Bean drink to us makes our day!  They are always friendly and know their regular customers by name.  If you visit often enough they probably even remember your drink order!  It might be a quick exchange but the excellent customer experience is part of why we come back over and over again.

drive thru coffee

3) Drive Thru Coffee is Kid Approved

Moms and Dads know how hard it is to get small kids in and out of the car just to grab a quick cup of coffee!  Drive Thru Coffee seems to be made for them!  Tired parents can grab the quick pick-me-up they need without the unloading and reloading.  Plus the Human Bean has a full menu of Little Bean drinks like not-so-hot chocolate and fruit smoothies in spill-proof 8 ounce plastic cups that kids love!  Therefore parents love them too!

drive thru coffee

4) Drive Thru Coffee is Dog Approved

Where else than a Drive Thru Coffee stand can your pup visit too?¬† And they also receive a treat of their own while they are there!¬† The Human Bean loves our furry customers coming thru our drive thru¬†windows to cheer us up.¬† We’ll always be ready with a dog bone or maybe even a whipped treat!

drive thru coffee

5) No need to dress up when getting Drive Thru Coffee

Worried about who you might run into at the local coffee shop and how you look?¬† That is not a problem at a Drive Thru Coffee stand!¬† You get to stay in your car and you know your friendly barista doesn’t care!¬† Roll on through a Human Bean drive through after a long day of work, as soon as¬†you¬†wake up or for a post-work out pick me up with no worries.

6) No need to find parking when getting Drive Thru Coffee

Do you live in a busy city where parking is always a headache?  What to do when you just really need that cup of coffee?  A Drive Thru Coffee location is the perfect solution!  Human Bean has 68 locations across the country in 11 different states.  Find your nearest location and skip worrying about parking!

drive thru coffee

7) There is always time for Drive Thru Coffee!

No matter how much of a hurry you are in and no matter where you are at there is always time for a quick stop.¬† Visit a Human Bean location today and we guarantee we’ll make it worth your while!¬† Plus we bet you’ll look forward to coming back!