Colombia Farm Visits

Colombia farm visits were made by a group of Human Bean team members in early November of 2018.  They were joined by Portland Global Initiatives.  Together The Human Bean and PGI have partnered on a clean water and sanitation project that is currently ongoing in the Cliadas region of Colombia.  You can read more about that here.  They were able to visit many of the farms that provide us with our Farm Friendly Direct coffee from Colombia.  And they also got to meet many of the farmers and their families.

One highlight of the trip was presenting the farmers with checks for the dividends.  They were able to earn these by selling the coffee directly to us and forgoing the use and cost of a middle man.

colombia farm visits

The sanitation units being built are essentially clean bathrooms with running water.  The farmers take great pride in having a functioning sanitary unit.

Most of the coffee farms are located in extremely remote areas.  It take hours to travel over bumpy roads to get there and to transport the coffee.

The coffee is picked when the coffee “cherry” or fruit is the perfect shade of red.

Then it is dried and stripped of it’s parchment to reveal the green bean inside.

The Human Bean has also been selling Sustain cups to raise additional money for this project.  You can learn more about them here and purchase them here.

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