Danielle Craig & A Lesson in Gratitude

lesson in gratitudeRecently we teamed up with Danielle Craig.¬† She describes herself as “a mom of two boys, wife, Emmy-award winning journalist ‚Äď and most recently a recovering pessimist.”¬† She hosts an inspiring podcast called Happiness in Progress and you can read her blog at daniellecraig.com

She approached us and asked if we would be willing to sponsor what she refers to as “a Lesson in Gratitude”.¬† We would be a good team since we both believe it is important to “give back”.¬† You can read about other ways we give back to our local communities here and to our global coffee growing communities here.

The Lesson in Gratitude

Danielle’s 5 year old son has nut allergies.¬† When he was about to start Kindergarten he was anxious. He was worried about starting school and being exposed to this allergen through other childrens’ lunches.¬† They came up with a plan.¬† They asked the 21 children in his class and their parents if they would be willing to commit to packing “nut-free” lunches for the entire year.¬† All of the families agreed.¬† As a way to thank them for making the effort to ease her son’s anxiety she wanted to show them gratitude. They thought a good way to do so would be to give a Human Bean gift card for each family.¬† That was when she approached us.¬† We were more than happy to donate the 21 gift cards.¬† We love finding creative ways to give back in our communities such as this!

You can read Danielle’s cute blog post on the Lesson in Gratitude here.

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Cheers to Years of Coffee & Community

For Human Bean customers, there’s so much to be excited about¬†this summer at The Human Bean! As a matter of fact, many of our Human Bean locations are celebrating¬†business anniversaries.¬† The local communities we are in are important to the Human Bean.¬† Therefore they are doing so by¬†giving back to the most important aspect of their business, the Human Bean¬†customers they serve!

Grants Pass Customer Appreciation Day for 2nd Anniversary

human bean customers

All¬†three Grants Pass, Oregon locations celebrated their second year¬†of ownership on July 1st. They promoted their anniversary as Customer Appreciation Day. The Human Bean of Grants Pass¬†recognized their loyal¬†Human Bean customers and was beyond excited to do so.¬† Equally important, the feeling was mutual. Grants Pass customers¬†were also happy to celebrate this day with their favorite baristas around. A regular customer from¬†Grants Pass ¬†commented on Facebook, “Thanks for the great service and for¬†always remembering my drink order even before I get there!” Congratulations on the anniversary Grants Pass!

Lake Havasu Celebrates 10 Years of Human Bean Customers

Other locations also celebrating noteworthy¬†anniversaries this summer¬†are The Human Bean of Lake Havasu City, Arizona as well as The Human Bean of Seaside, Oregon. The northern Lake Havasu City location is thankful¬†for 10 great years of great Human Bean customers.¬† They also¬†can’t wait to celebrate such a milestone with their recently opened 2nd¬†location on the south-side of town.

Seaside Celebrates 8 Years of Human Bean Customers

human bean customers

The Human Bean of Seaside celebrates 8 wonderful years in August this year. Seaside franchisees couldn’t be prouder of the community involvement they’ve established there.¬† They¬†are also¬†bringing their same lively spirit to their Warrenton location which¬†opened last October.¬†‚ÄúWe try to separate ourselves by really standing out as a supporter of the community,” said Seaside franchisee.¬† Another successful year in business also¬†proves their efforts are appreciated by their Human Bean customers.¬†¬†Congratulations Seaside!

See what these locations are up to now on Facebook! Like their page to receive updates on specials, events and much more!

The Human Bean of Grants Pass | The Human Bean of Lake Havasu City
The Human Bean of Seaside