The Human Bean Ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500 list in 2019.¬† describes this list as their ‘definitive ranking of 2019’s strongest franchises’.¬† Restaurants, including coffee franchises, continue to be a growing category on the list.¬† We are proud to have ranked within the Franchise 500 list for several years now.¬† More than 1,000 companies applied for this year’s ranking.¬† We are also proud to be in the top half of the 500 companies that made the list in 2019.¬† Companies that make the list are described as ‘revealing the latest trends’.¬† As well as ‘continuing to evolve to keep going strong year after year’.

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

The Human Bean ranked #217 in Franchise 500

About The Human Bean

Our commitment to developing the best drive-thru espresso led us to franchising The Human Bean’s brand and system in 2002. We are proud to announce that The Human Bean has expanded to 81 locations in ten states. 68 of those being franchised locations as well as 13 being corporate locations. We expect to continue this growth.  This will be done through approved franchisees that share the same determination and also a commitment to our goals for this exceptional brand.

The Human Bean has plans to grow rapidly this year.¬† We’ll be expanding into new states and opening many new locations.¬† In early 2019 there will be new locations opening in Oregon, Arizona, Kentucky, California and Washington.¬† There will be more new locations opening in additional states as the year progresses.¬† You can see a complete list of our locations here.

Franchise 500

Unlike nearly all other franchises, we do not charge percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees. We earn revenues from bulk sales of coffee and other supplies ordered from our franchised locations. Our goal is for Human Bean franchisees to enjoy the returns from their investment while receiving the benefits of being part of The Human Bean franchise. You can learn more about becoming a Human Bean franchise owner here.

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Human Bean Ranked #2 as National Coffee Franchise

The Human Bean was ranked as the¬†No. 2 national coffee franchise¬†behind Dunkin’ Donuts in the specialty coffee world according to Entrepreneur magazine.¬† This was¬†on it’s 38th annual Top 500 franchiser list.¬† Overall, the Human Bean ranked #157 out of all franchise types.¬† A recent article in the Medford Mail Tribune details the history and rapid growth of the popular drive-thru coffee franchise on a national level.

national coffee franchise

The Human Bean’s first drive-thru coffee franchise location was in Ashland, Oregon in 1998.¬† Nowadays, the drive-thru coffee market in Oregon is saturated with little margin for growth.¬† In a five-mile radius here there are about 45 drive-thru coffee locations where as¬†in other locations, like Reno NV,¬†there are¬†only about¬†six.¬† Also in many states there is no such thing as drive-thru coffee locations.¬† Therefore there is plenty of room for growth for the Human Bean as a national coffee franchise!

National Coffee Franchise Growth

Currently the Human Bean is in 11 states with 68 locations and sales are about $45 million annually.  At last count, Human Bean grinds about 400,000 pounds of coffee and espresso each year.  The Human Bean anticipates a total of 85 locations by the end of 2017.  There are several new locations opening every month with their two newest in Nampa, ID and Odessa, TX.  The goal by the end of next year is to have a total of 100 locations nation-wide.

The initial franchise investment runs between $174,000 and $669,000.  The Human Bean recently sold a nine-store market in the Phoenix, AZ area with the first one going in to Mesa.  Sacramento, CA and new locations in Colorado, Idaho, Texas are also in the works.

drive thru

There are currently 10 people in the Medford Corporate office handling administration, equipment support, vendor support and marketing.  Overall, the Corporate company has 160 employees.

In addition to being a growing company, the Human Bean is also a humanitarian company.  They have a direct coffee sourcing program called Farm Friendly Direct.  Beans are sourced from Africa, Latin America, or Asia and they have long standing relationships with their growers.  They are currently helping coffee farmers in Colombia develop their own clean drinking water wells.

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