Cheers to a Healthy & Tasty New Year!

Rarely do Healthy & Tasty go hand and hand, so naturally our response is, “What’s the catch?” But lucky for you and your New Year’s resolution to live a healthier lifestyle, there is no catch. We are featuring two drinks this season that offer you the best of both worlds. The Acai Berry Smoothie and Mate Latte. Both taste delicious & leave you feeling great and guilt-free.

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Fruity Acai Smoothie

Our Acai Smoothie contains nature super fruits like acai berries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries and pomegranates. These fruits pack the Acai Smoothie full of antioxidants associated with increased energy and a stronger immune system. Best part is, Acai Smoothies taste great and are dairy-free. Try a delicious & nutritious Acai Berry Smoothie to kick-start your morning or for that much needed afternoon pick-me-up.

Frothy Mate Latte

The aroma and delicate flavors of herbal mate are sure to add a touch of relaxation to your busy mornings. Balanced with the creaminess of steamed 2% milk or other delicious non-dairy substitute, the Mate Latte is frothy, warm and sure to satisfy. Herbal Mate is also known for boosting metabolism and balancing mood and energy. Enjoy a Mate Latte hot, iced or even blended.

Pro-Tip: Add a flavor like vanilla or white chocolate to your Mate Latte for a touch of sweetness.

A New Year and a Healthy Choice | The Human Bean

Looking for a way to have your cake and eat it too? Or should I say, have your coffee and drink it too? Whether you are counting calories or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, this post will expand your coffee knowledge and give you the power of healthy choice when ordering your favorite drinks.

First, I will give you three simple tips and tricks to ordering a calorie conscious drink.

The Human Bean offers almost limitless healthy choices on our menu. From dairy alternatives to sugar-free flavor choices, we are always striving to provide the highest quality ingredients for our customers. All of these options are great and allow you to personalize your drink to your specific needs and desires. However, they can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t thoroughly know the products and what health choices are available. When ordering your next drink, keep in mind these three simple and reliable tips to a healthier you!

1.)    Fat-free or dairy-free is a healthy choice!

Substituting your favorite drink with a fat-free dairy or dairy-free alternative can cut you’re your calories in HALF! Swapping chocolate milk for non-fat milk in your mocha will reduce the calories and eliminate the fat, while still satisfying your coffee and chocolate craving.

dairy-free alternatives

Dairy-free alternatives, while not as well-known, can also be a great option for creating a healthy choice in your coffee beverage. At The Human Bean, we offer soy, almond and coconut milk at most of our locations. These dairy-free alternatives are low in fat and calories, contain no cholesterol and have up to 50% more calcium than dairy milk. Why not try soy, almond or coconut milk in your next coffee?!

2.)    Add a shot!

Espresso shot healthy choice

If you enjoy a strong coffee flavor, this is the trick for you! Espresso contains 0 calories and can cut anywhere from 15 to 50 calories from your drink. This trick works because the extra espresso replaces the higher calorie dairy or dairy substitute products. On your next drink, simply ask for an extra shot and you’ve got yourself a coffee with fewer calories and more of your favorite coffee flavor is a healthy choice.

If too much caffeine is a concern of yours, ask for an extra decaf shot of espresso.

sugar free healthy choice

3.)    Countless Sugar-Free Flavors

Where there is a flavor, there is a sugar-free flavor just as sweet. Replacing your regular flavored syrups with the sugar-free alternative can reduce your drink by 35 to 75 calories. This might be the simplest trick in the book, yet it holds the potential to have a lasting impact on your health. Like diet sodas, sugar-free coffees can be just as delicious as their higher calorie counterpart. Make the switch on your next coffee!

You now hold three simple tips and tricks to creating a delicious, yet lower calorie coffee. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your new knowledge to discover the perfect combination just for you. Stay tuned for part two of A New Year, A Healthier You where I will provide you with three tried-and-true delicious coffee options all under 200 calories!