Human Bean Celebrates Earth Day with Reusable Bag Giveaway

Human Bean Celebrates Earth Day every year with a reusable shopping bag giveaway.  Earth Day is on April, 22nd.  We will be showing customer appreciation by giving away reusable bags on Friday, April 21st and have been doing this since 2011.  We estimate that we have given away 90,000 of them and also plan to give away about 15,000 more this  year.

Human Bean Celebrates Earth Day

Why Use Reusable Shopping Bags?

A simple way to be kinder to our earth is to use reusable shopping bags. Many communities, including the city of Ashland locally, have banned the use of disposable plastic shopping bags.  This is due to the damage they can cause to our environment and wildlife. A plastic bag can take from 15-1,000 years to break down depending on environment.  Millions of birds, turtles and other sea animals die each year from ingesting the plastic waste that doesn’t make it into landfills. Reusable shopping bags can replace disposable plastic bags.  They are also made of recycled materials and typically have a lifespan equal to that of more than 700 plastic bags. When worn out, reusable bags can then be recycled. Additionally many stores now give discounts to customers that bring in their own shopping bags.  Plus they now come in many fashionable and cute shapes and prints, like ours!

How the Human Bean Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

The Human Bean tries to extend their earth friendly practices globally as well as through their Farm Friendly Direct program.  This is their direct-trade coffee sourcing program.  They work directly with the farmers that grow their coffee.  Therefore they can pay them at or above market prices.  They also allocate additional funds for community projects such as: building water systems, school and community centers and facilitating earth friendly soil, water and farming practices.  You can learn more about The Human Bean and Farm Friendly Direct here!



Walk for Water Event Success | The Human Bean

walk for water dunk tankThe Walk for Water was supported by The Human Bean. The fundraiser that brings clean water to communities in need around the world. This year, Portland Global Initiatives hit their target and raised nearly $6,000. This is the 6th annual Walk for Water event on that was held on Saturday, May 31, 2014. The exciting event was held at Portland Roasting Coffee’s headquarters in downtown Portland. There an estimated 250 in attendance, including a team of HB baristas! Those who attended not only enjoyed the walk, but also enjoyed many other fun festivities. Most noteworthy was the live music, interactive booths and even a beer garden.

walk for water middle school - CopyWWD Poster cropwalk for water beer garden pic - CopyThe Walk for Water in Portland

Portland locals shared their musical talents live on stage throughout the event. Appearances from Sellwood Middle School’s Marimba Band, singer/songwriter Snowblind Traveler, and Portland’s own R&B band Soul City were among the great musicians who performed.  Adding to the energy of the event were fun activities such as; like super soaker soccer, face painting and a dunk tank. Since this event had happenings for the adults too with a beer garden. Featured was Portland’s Laurelwood Brewing Co. and booths with local food favorites like Pacific Pie Co.

The Human Bean Participates

Along with sending an HB team to participate and volunteer for the event, we helped raise awareness through our social media pages and with on-site posters. We also held a mug promotion giving locals incentive to donate and sponsor our team which raised almost $1,000 for the event! 

Thank you to all who supported the event by attending, donating and volunteering! Your efforts will make a difference by bringing clean water systems to communities. We hope to build on the event’s success next year and continue to sponsor this great cause.


Finally, please join us next year for the Walk for Water. Participation makes this event such a success!